Beer in Heaven?

Sociology is something i despise for the simple reason that I dont agree with the idea that societies think similarly (although they do). This is the premise to a significant event that happened during the weekend…

My friday wasnt amusing (Feb 3, 2006). I worked in the morning, got home after lunch, slept almost the rest of the sun lit hours, then spent about 3 hours playing with my bestfriend — my computer. By 8:30pm i was forced out of my chair and the next destination was the bookstore (Borders) …with friends by the way.

One of my friends told me that i reminded him of a book. i asked him how? His answer wasnt mentally amusing. I dont remember what he said particularly but i remember saying in my mind “dude. loser is different from dumb. i am not dumb!”

So then we scoured the store for the book. He was looking for it in the new releases section. I ask him “when did you see this book?” He asnwered “About two months ago, i remember this is where i saw it.” Hence i rolled my eyes.

I lead him to the humor section almost certain that a book from two months back wouldnt be in the new releases section. I ask him the title of the book. He did not remember. So in effect, by that time, we were looking for a book and we didnt know what it was. The greater question, however, was that from two months ago this book was stored in the inner lobes of my friends brain only to come up once i came in sight.

I became more intrigued. “How could a book be so much a metaphor of me that one could distinguish it as me?”

Still we couldnt find it. After eons of searching, we gave up. My friend headed towards the porn section and i was still wondering which book it was.

Suddenly, a pseudo-eureka moment. My eyes swirl as it was drawn towards a paperback. My friend could not tell me the title of the book, nor how it looked like, neither clues of its content. And here i was looking at a book that seemed to be everything he had described — ME!

I call him in exclaims of suspense. I didnt scream but the decibels should’ve been higher than the normal bookstore rate. My friend from 3 meters away laughed a wicked laugh. “This is it!” He said like a witch congratulating his pesky little slave. (picture below)

So then i impulsively bought it.


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