Blogging Done Right

There are several probloggers out there, meaning people who earn from blogging, but I dont think many of them get the picture that blogging should be made to be a channel for information or whatever use you have for it; that profit should be the by-product of this labor. In the simplest sense, blogging involves lots of work. You only reap the benefits of what you sow, and the more effort you put into monetizing it, the greater your paycheck might be.

Such is the case of, a blog about information technology. The author himself, Calvyn, is an IT engineer and he mainly blogs about his work experience. Check out his blog and you see from the moment you have a glimpse of it that it is made to earn. But I don’t think it is solely for that purpose. Calvyn has a tagboard, a misnomer to most everyone, but a great way to connect to your readers. He also a Mybloglog widget, that tells you he’s not only writing for the bucks, he’s in fact trying to make an effort to create a solid readership.

But moreso, Calvyn also gives out free domains. Not too many people do this, but it’s definitely something that you can do especially if you’re not using much of your hosting. I mean, besides the ads, and the paid reviews, and the whole problogger sort of thing. Doing it the right way is the only way by which you can fully maximize your profits – that means writing great articles, connecting to your readers and trying to best to improve your craft, and maybe even going out of your way to help others.

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