City of Man

If anything, this is the whole of my NaNoWriMo story packed into an article. Yeah, well I truly have a reason for this and that is to create an introduction, or maybe a lengthy excuse so that you wont be too harsh about it, and maybe a replacement coz I know not many of you will endure all 50,000 words of it, if I even reach it.

Since November 1, I’ve been writing 1000 worded chapter of this story, The City of Man. – a fantasy that takes place more than a thousand years after Dante’s journey to the Underworld. But lest you think this is a parody of the Inferno, I should mention that the only thing I took from this is the structure. The map of Hell, if you might say. Otherwise the story stands on its own.

Unlike Dante’s Inferno, which is, based on the book, a downward spiraling path onto the south pole, my City of Man takes place in a city. A suburban neighborhood where souls are free to live. I take this from St Francis’ description of Heaven as the City of God, and his description of Hell as the city of Man. Perhaps the best thing about this city is that we now have personalities of different times coming altogether with some remaining steadfast, others being righteous, some cunning.

The biggest problem I had was simply to make sure that people are mistaken that my version of Hell is just a compilation of souls on what looks to be a mini-earth. But that’s exactly what I am after. I think this way, I will be able to separate myself from other stories that deal with the Underworld. This aside from the fact that it is my story..

to be continued…

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