Customer Relationship Management

In my last post I talked about marketing and the thin like that differentiates it from advertising. I also talked about the importance of using marketing to for a company to earn whether direct or indirect, realized or unrealized:

Some people do not realize how important marketing is in the field of commerce. Others may see it as a strategy in itself. But to people like me, those who studied the field, we know marketing is an essential part of a structure that allow the flow of income or cash to happen. It is closely related to advertising as they both try to gain consumers, clients or customers. But where advertising is the act promoting a product across an area, marketing is the means of doing the same in a more specific location.

Let me give you an example: In opposite sides of a market are two people. Both of calls their customers as they pass. This is called marketing. On one hand, one of them has a poster of their store (an advertisement) on another. The one who has the poster is doing an advertisement. So in a way marketing and advertising is almost the same thing but you do get more personality with the previous as opposed to the latter.

Well, if you’re a marketer or if you’re a company struggling to make your customers meet. Why dont you check out AIRPromote’s Customer Relationship Management software, a great new way to track your sales, sales team and sales force. They’ve taken the best parts of CRM and even allows you a 14-day free trial of the product. Check out their features so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Perhaps the quoted sentences are the reason why some of us do not like marketers – they’re always out to make a sale, we think that marketers will do anything to get you to shell out cash and it is their underhanded approaches that we disgust of. I tell you, the key to bad marketing is still good management and AIRPromotes CRM Software could more than half the job for you.

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