Falling for the PageRank Propaganda

As a netizen, it’s not new to me to come across website that sell you web related stuff. I mean, just look at the people who sell you domains, hosting, optimization etc. I do not condemn these kinds of businesses, I think these are essential actually. As that all of us will have our own niches, some may probably be made to make money off the web.

But there is a particularly old business that continues to thrive even though they’ve been whacked one time or another by the people they try to leech off of. What I’m talking about is PageRank and the sale of domains that put it in promise.

First, what’s pagerank got to do with your site anyway? One, it’s a means by which the geeks measure success. Yes, the people behind the internets came up with a system of measurement notes your blogs popularity and they called it PageRank. But the, as in all sentients of society, corruption looms its balance. Domain selling of website with domains is a good business.. and one doesn’t even need to fully get the system to know why.

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