Getting the Facts on Hearing

You may not know it, but you may slowly be losing your hearing, and it may be resulting from your workplace. I recently got on a website today called and I realized just how grave the scenes might be if I did not give my sense of hearing some attention. First let me give you the trivia:

  • Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects 30 million North American workers. It is recognized as the #1 occupational illness worldwide.
  • The cost to employers is estimated to be more than US $19 billion per year.
  • There has been no major improvements in the science of hearing protection in over 30 years.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than 250 million people have a disabling degree of hearing impairment.

Accordingly, there has been several regulations pushed to make sure workers are protected from the dangers posed by their jobs to their hearing. Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc. is a Canadian leader in the research, development and manufacturing of intra-ear technologies, creating hearing protection and communication enabling products, such as digital hearing devices and noise reduction devices, that cater to, like mentioned, an industry shun by science.

If you are ever in need of any hearing device, I would suggest for you to drop by their website and check what they have to offer. And if you’re ever in the following fields, I suggest you ask your employers to protect you with their products as these are once most severely affected by loss of hearing.

* Industry Workers/Construction Workers
* Airline Employees and Passengers
* Military Personnel
* Motorcycle Riders
* Musicians
* Concert Goers
* Club Goers
* Sound Crews
* Hunters
* Race Car Drivers and Spectators

And if you’re ever an employer thinking that you need the Sonomax products for your people, or if you’re a distributor wanting to offer hearing protection to those around you. Sonomax also has ways by which they can accommodate you into their fold and make this multi-billion dollar industry open for you. Overall, I think their site offers something beneficial and that, for you to realize how much you need it, you probably have to see it for yourselves.

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