Happy Thanksgiving to All

Today my family and I chartered the bay towards San Francisco, the south of it, to visit my cousin and aunt and celebrate thanksgiving. Now, I dont really know what it’s about, why we celebrate it, or the history behind it but I’m a bit certain it involves a lot of turkey… coz that always seems to be the central part of any thanksgiving feast (lunch, dinner or whatev)

With our family however, Filipinos that we are, we didn’t go for the trouble of getting the piece of bird braised and marinated and baked. To us that would be duck, and we’d prefer Jollibee over it anytime. But then, for some very cute reason, my brother’s special someone brought a cake that looked like a turkey (picture to be up tomorrow, coz I dont have time to upload it yet).

Anyway this “Turkey Cake” had a bit of backstory as well, coz everybody thought that it was gonna be a cake that tastes like a turkey. To our surprise, as said, it merely had the decoration of a turkey. The icing did it on the outside, inside though it tasted like Ube Macapuno, and that’s something we’d take in place of a turkey as well. All in all, it was fun and I am now certain the turkey is the prime staple of a thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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