Have You Ever Tried Online Dating?

As we are all citizens of the web, catching dating services isn’t new to us anymore. This makes me wonder, “There must be such a huge market for love.” And, through the innovations of the 21st century, love can now be found across the globe with the click of a mouse. I personally recommend Date.com, an online dating service that has the telling of a great site (well, they’ve been around since 1997).


I guess the luxury of online dating is that its participants all have a collective desire to find a date, a lover or a partner. So you’re done with the part where you wonder if a prospective date is taken or not. Then there’s the part where your date might be odd. Yep, we’ve all met one before: smart, crazy people capable of morbidities. Online dating skips that too. And while you can never really know a person until you meet him, the internet does provide you the protective gear of anonymity or distance in case he’s a maniac. Date.com has chat rooms along with audio and video capabilities to help you gauge a person before being emotionally attached.

Another advantage of finding love online is about the compatibility issue. Just by participating and creating a profile, you are able to streamline your standards so that only those who are interested in them get to find you. The other way around, you also get the chance to scour galleries and find prospective dates based on your likes. Do you want a guy who’s into sports, or maybe a woman who’s too slim? Do you want somebody older, or someone of the same gender? Yes! you’ve got that covered as well. And if I may add, the searches on the site are often a gallery of finds.

For me too, the most importance advantage of finding a date online (or a lover) is that it fast tracks the getting to know part. Conversations become easier this way, than say, you being on a blind date. As many people are, I hate being clueless. Perhaps the best thing I can say about online dating is that when you’re real to it, it’s real to you. The service is only there to introduce you to a possible match.

Now, If you’re still surprised as to why so many people do find love in the net, that’s all you have to see – a willingness to invest emotions, a compatible mate, and a respect to commit. If you’re one of those people who thinks otherwise about the benefits of online dating, I got this advice as well:

As there are several fishes in the ocean, I think it’s good to swim for awhile. True, honest, genuine and sincere love is something entitled to everyone. The person of your dreams might just be waiting for you to create an account. Love lurks in the oddest of corners and finds us in the most peculiar of ways; it is the only way we recognize it.

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