How About a Massage Business?

While were on track to talk about the great ways by which you can earn money, why dont I point you to this site called, a cool site that might as well be a prime resource for putting up your own Spa or Massage business. As an entrepreneur, I think there is a great potential in having your own business much more that it promotes wellness. And as my readers are composed of young professionals eager to make their first million, one should probably going into this industry. You yuppies afterall suffer the most stress in the corporate world.

So what about Their mission:

To help massage therapists and bodywork professionals learn, interact, and share ideas on how to successfully run a massage therapy and bodywork practice.

That says it all. The site is comprehensive and easy to navigate. It has all the resources you need to run a massage business from the medical terms, the healing purpose of massage, the legalities as well as the types of oils. Now, if I know most of you well, I’d say you’re probably taking interest in this. All I can say is that you probably should drop by that site and start reading.

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