How the Screenwriters Strike is Affecting My TV Viewing

As you may have known, a strike of the screenwriters guild of the country began a strike which quickly affected networks and television programs. Over the course of the week, we suddenly realized how grave the problem was when we started seeing re-runs of our favorite television programs.

But the worse news is probably still to come as the screenwriters lockout doesn’t seem to be ending soon. The last strike more than 20 years ago last 5 months and wrecked the TV industry with over a billion dollars. Now you can imagine how much will be lost from this crisis.

But what are the screenwriters really demanding? They just want a share of what they work hard for.. you see, networks own all the rights of what screenwriters do even from after the production. This means that the screenwriter doesn’t earn anymore from DVD copies or posters or the likes; they’re job ends from when they put their pens down.

Well guess what ..that’s exactly what they did!

2 thoughts on “How the Screenwriters Strike is Affecting My TV Viewing

  1. i support their cause… sila ang brains sa mga shows na yan, they deserve nothing less sa ano mang income na na rake in ng mga shows na to.

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