I iz a Scorpio, I Bite!

Having my birthday on November doesn’t feel so unique to me, in our circle of influence I know alot of people with the same birth date. So me wonders, whatever event takes place 9 months before that puts people in a position to create november 4 born babies? And then there’s the idea that maybe we should run statistics on which date has the most birthdays.

But what I have to be thankful for in celebrating my birthday on November 4 is that I am a scorpio. And I know, there’s really nothing that the stars do to make me something similar with all those other people I know with the same birthday, but who cares. Scorpio for me is the only animal in this of animals that can kill you instantly. Yes people, the scorpion has a venom that kills faster than the snake.

So yes, I may allow myself to be trampled on my brothers who are Tauruses, Leo and Libras.. but when I start to be aggressive, they run away. Yep, I bite!

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