I Saw George Clooney On Spock

You guys gotta check out this website I came across today – Spock. It’s a people and information search engine so basically, wherever you wanna somebody is on the net you can find them here. How’s that for finding crushes, Hollywood artists (or famous people in general), how about finding old and new friends, relatives, or the guy who bullied you in highschool? The site is nicely made, not too all-around with their design. I think that’s a good thing because they are able to point people to what the site is exactly made for – basically, a search engine.

As far as the people I found, you can say George Clooney really isn’t on it but I found him on the list of people you can check out. Along with Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Alan Greenspan and guess who? Dick Cheney. Hey, what can you say about that!? Even the vice president is part of the action. But then, I wont really ask you to check out the artists on here but rather for you to create a profile and share yourself. It’s always great to find a community of like-minded people, and Spock does have a feature like that as well.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about their widgets. Like the one above where the several George Clooney’s can be found. If you’re ever a blogger or a web publisher like me, you can have their search placed in your site. This is a good way for you to have more visitors too. These widgets are also available in flash.

Now, for the uber smart computer whizzes out there, there’s a develop page you can tinker on too. I should also mention that while Spock isn’t exactly a social networking site, they do have similar features such as profile creation and messaging. And if you ever need questions about their site, they do have a Help, Community Guidelines section to ease you through. Plus, there’s also a Feedback section so you can hit them up with your thoughts as well.

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