Kids Using Drugs

In one of my previous post I talked about our old neighborhood, one that used to be lively and fun as it was a youthcentric village. At least until drugs got in the way:

The youth was a strong part of society, they were very active.. But then all things changed when drugs fell into their hands. I don’t know how it started anymore as these things do start within closed doors. Circles of friends trying out something new, and before you know it the once active, lively young crowd began to steal, kill and be part of syndicates who were able to control them through their addiction. Some of them did go to the rehabilitation centers and were cured of their need for drugs, but some of the went back their vile ways.

I bear the burden of guilt for the things I cannot do about, but I guess all of us are faced with such things. Rehabilitation centers exist everywhere and they shouldn’t be considered prison or a place of suffering but rather a place for recovery. Only when one is separated from the cause does he begin to see the light, and that’s what they are set out to do.

If you are facing addiction right now, or if you have a loved one in its clutches. I would like to point you to a site called, a place where you can be pointed to several centers that are right for you. I know for a fact that young people are not very cooperative with authority, so you can definitely search through this site and allow yourself to absorb the resources available so you can face this reality headstrong.

There is a 1800 number you can call to get support and a free assessment as well. The site also has lots of free information regarding addiction and all the other things connected to it – such as intervention, recovery, marijuana, club drugs etc. – it would be great for you to drop by and check this out even just for the information. I found the site to be comprehensive and easy to navigate. And should you have any inquiries, there is a portion as well for that.

Guys I hope you check this out. Lets get rid of this mind controlling cancer once and for all.

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