Last Song Syndrome

What is A.D.D? It is a disease only found in rich countries (often connoted as America). For some reason, thesame race which brought us bubble gum and nuclear warheads wanted to make something smart out of a child’s playful nature. The old grumpy white folks didnt want their grandkids to plays on green lawns; and then spread mud laden footprints inside the house; and then start crying and screaming like the minions from Mordor.

They then decided to make the doctors burden their annoyance brought by the pesky young. What followed was a series of theories. Then the naming of the “disease” …Attention Deficieny Disorder (ADD).

Plainly put, Attention Deficiency Disorder is a condition where a child is hyperactive. It is considered not normal and therefore should be given medication.

The effects of A.D.D. on a child is as horrible as telling them Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy never existed, it affects them all their lives, losing their ability to be a child. When diagnosed with the condition a child feels as if he is abnormal. He is automatically disoriented from society. He becomes self concious leading to either an introvertness brought by the feeling of shame, or deliberate hyperactivity when not in medication. Whatever its effect, the child becomes weary, losing his free spirit.

Like most Asian countries, the Philippines rely on discipline as a means to control hyperactivity. American parents on the other hand cannot lay hands on their children (even for discipline purposes) because the social welfare would immediately put the parents in jail and send the children to the care of another such as the spouse, relative, or worse, the orphanage. It is not that the disease does not exist in the country, it’s that society largely affects a child’s behavior.

There are coloqial terms for it such as kulang sa pansin (KSP) or overacting (OA) but it is not as ruthless as the other names children tease their friends with; kids would rather be called “KSP” than “supot.”

My final point is this. Why would the American parent consider their child abnormal when they run too much but not when they have imaginary friends? Is not having an invisible friend just as abnormal, or downright freaky? When one is not treated of A.D.D. one grows up to be hyperactive, is that wrong? But when one grows up on medication and becomes manic depressive, or a serial killer, or a stalker, is that right?

Maybe America does breed the minions of Mordor.

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