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Janette Toral beat me to the information (because I told her), my blog’s transformation from being a personal blog to an online business. Such things aren’t new to everyone. But where everyone tries to tell you how they did it, nobody seems to talk about what they are doing.

In the long run, I wouldn’t want to be the one to talk in hypothetics and tell everyone that content is key, that ads should be placed on the upper part of the layout or that paid reviews shouldn’t be such a flattery. If you are still reading this expecting to find my Philosophically Bastardic posts, well, you’ve come to the not-so-right place.

Why? Well, first, I will still try to make this as humanly-worded as possible. But if you’re the type who wants to hear about my views on religion, caste, politics, society and sex.. uhm, those things already transferred at Khoops.com/Blog tomorrow. Hehe! Second is that I’m still learning. So you can call this my actual journey to adding 300 dollars in my pocket by December 1st! Lolz!

How much?
The question on everyone’s mind when talking about making money online is “How Much?” Those who know me might probably understand how business perks me up.. like caffeine. I must’ve inherited this from my Portuguese ancestors.

As there is a queer chef, shouldn’t there also be a raunchy businessman? Trust me, most of them are! But anyway.. as a brooding raunchy businessman “how much” goes two ways: How much should you invest and how much can you gain.

How much should you invest?
Back in May of 2007, I bought the domain PaoloMendoza.com for about $20. I didn’t pay hosting coz I redirected the domain from Blogger and continues to host it to this day. And then there’s the internet connection (70bucks/mo), my table and my chair. I bought Khoops.com for about 20 bucks too and that is hosted free on a friends account. So you can estimate my yearly net existence to cost $1000 bucks.

How much can I gain out of this?

If I were giving you advice, there’s a lot of ways you can earn from the internet – paid reviews, e-commerce, ads, designs, forex etc. I’ve tried them before and noticed the potential. I cant give you figures coz I haven’t earned much but my target for this month is $1200.

One thousand two hundred dollars?
Yep. Sounds like it was taken from a get-rich-while-being-a-slob scheme huh?! But I think having a target will make me work harder. But I will have to write a lot. I mean if a paid review only pays you 5 bucks each, that means I’ll have to write 240 posts in a month (8 posts per day). But this is still a conservative amount because it only gives weight on paid reviews.. so we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “LESSON 1 – LEARN NEW STUFFS

  1. Malaki yan ah! =)

    But the nice thing about setting your sights with an ambitious goal is that it forces you to focus and monitor your performance on a daily basis.

    Look forward to your lessons learned sharing after a month!

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