This is for my ever-so-loyal readership who still drop by this blog even when I’m already blogging on Khoops.com/Blog: (look, cross promotion. yay!)

  • I will be writing endless sponsored posts out here so I suggest you check this out through bloglines or google reader only. If you use twitter, I will announce posts there too. At least, the once I want you to catch.
  • For the most part I really do prefer you reading my NEW BLOG. But for those who have a knack for business, I suggest you stick. As I said in my last post, I will be documenting my online income for the month on this blog with a target to earn $1200 by the first week of December. (coz that’s when they payouts will happen. just in time for Xmas).
  • Topics that will from now on be covered in this post will include the following: PPC programs and Adsense (a boring subject, I must admit), my life in extensive paid reviews, and the forex industry.

I guess that keeps things in perspective. I hope you guys come back tomorrow. Lolz! Oh yeah and my other blog.. go there too! 😛

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