Yesterday I set out to try and make money online with this blog, and reserved Khoops.com/Blog for my personal entries. It’s better this way, I get to enjoy both world without really exposing myself to judgments. If you’re not into online earning, you just jump on another site. As far as I’m concerned splitting the two (personal and business posts) was a good move.

So I decided to write in this blog with a goal of $1200 by the end of the month. I’m mainly focused on earning with paid reviews before setting out to try and maximize my Adsense and Forex. I’m just trying to see how much I can earn by aggressively pushing a goal.

Part of this goal is not only to make money for myself. It’s also a running case study that other people can use to gauge their chances in this area. I had been certain several of you are thinking if you can earn online. Well, here’s your eye opener. That can go both ways…

But anyway, as part of this new format’s goal I’ve also chosen to be transparent about my earnings. I guess it’s because I’ve seen several people say you can make money from blogging, but most of them really aren’t factual about their statements. If I am to make sense of some of the things I read, I’d say they were just copied from a Dummies Book. Hehe. So here I am, making money on behalf of information.

So help me God!

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