There must really be a word called Buena Mano, as I seemed to have been endowed by it yesterday. It really doesn’t make much but on a day where I planned to begin my “Making Money Online” journey, I earned my first 50 bucks.

well, it really expected. ReviewMe.com does send their payments monthly. But for it to come on the first of November 1 was more than a Halloween treat!

Alright.. as this is the formal beginning of my exodus to $1200. My cash on hand is now $53 bucks. But I immediately spent it on a new domain called WiseGrocer.com. You see, I’ve been mulling on selling Philippine goods for personal use here in the US. I do know that there aren’t much pinoy goods here that we like.. so I thought of selling them.

Ebay has been on head since Paypal was approved in the Philippines because it now provides a great venue for pinoys to become world players in the field of e-commerce. I mean, let’s face it, labor is definitely cheaper in the Philippines. Not only that, the merchandise are cheaper as well.

Lest you still do not know, the family owns a store in the mall selling personalized items so I thought why not make it available in the net. And then there’s the fact that I can buy wholesale and sell it in retail on the net. It’s definitely gonna be cheaper coz I’m not maintaining any operating expenses (except gas, internet connection and other minor things that make a sale happen).

But then I dont really wanna start big. As in any business the family has ventured into.. we like planning big, starting small. That’s the only way you can have a good mark of growth. And with the Xmas season coming up, I think I hope I’m gonna have an extra 300 bucks from this as well. Yay!

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