Marketing And Why It’s Necessity

Some people do not realize how important marketing is in the field of commerce. Others may see it as a strategy in itself. But to people like me, those who studied the field, we know marketing is an essential part of a structure that allow the flow of income or cash to happen. It is closely related to advertising as they both try to gain consumers, clients or customers. But where advertising is the act promoting a product across an area, marketing is the means of doing the same in a more specific location.

Let me give you an example: In opposite sides of a market are two people. Both of calls their customers as they pass. This is called marketing. On one hand, one of them has a poster of their store (an advertisement) on another. The one who has the poster is doing an advertisement. So in a way marketing and advertising is almost the same thing but you do get more personality with the previous as opposed to the latter.

Why is then marketing essential? Well, you have to tell me. Advertising too finally leads to marketing. Marketing involves not only the handling of people but also its products, its names etc. This is probably why we hate to hear marketers, coz we think they’re always gonna sell us something. But that’s just one of the things this field has to endure.

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