Me on Vacuum Cleaners

I’ve made it very clear from the start of the year to my readers, that my mom wants a vacuum cleaner for Christmas this year, and, to my mom, that she’s definitely gonna get that gift. And as I was going around the internet looking cool vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner parts (coz sometimes you have to add a little extra), I found out that vacuum cleaners are one of those things that we’ve always had, at least we did, but we never really took notice.

Yep, imagine, more than the straight up vacuum cleaner that’s starting to take a more alien life form every year, I didn’t even know there’s now a hand held vacuum. Well, at least with the capacity of a real vacuum that it boasts. Now there’s also a cylinder vacuum cleaner and that’s something you really really have to check out. I mean, it look soo cool; like a space ship.

Ok, I’m getting over myself here. Now let’s talk about the tools. You know there’s the usual extra brush, extra tool and all those sprinkly little scented powders that make your carpet smell like heaven. Haha!

Alright, that’s that. If you’re ever in search for a vacuum cleaner this Christmas, I suggest you check out that link up there and jump on to special offers. I’m sure, more than the gallery of normal to odd vacuum cleaners, and all the tools you need for the little perky chore that is to clean your carpets, you’ll find this website to be something.

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