Movie Review: Cites De Deus

Dont mistake it for a Passion of Christ type of film where you leave the movie house crying because you realized your confession was long overdue. Cites de Deus (City of God) is nothing sort of biblical. It is rather about a society victim to drugs and violence.

Im not really into rating films’ screenplays, cinematography, artists and all that crap but Cites de Deus is a Sundance finalist. That means one of two things; either the film is so darn good you would wanna give it a standing ovation after seeing it, or it is so true you feel it sending emotions down your spine ’til it tickles your hellbound soul.

The movie was a little bit of both. It opens your eyes to the reality of poverty in relation to drugs and corruption (doesnt that sound like home). Soon after watching the film you’d wanna give alms to street beggars. This while in the past you just knocked on your window and convinced yourself that they were accomplices of a syndicate. You didnt even think that they would be in a much harsher state to be part of an underground organization that sends them rain or shine to humiliate themselves in front of poeple like you would rather knock at their windows and send them away.

The only thing not so good about the film is that you’ll have to read through subtitles. If you’re into loveteams and all that pinoy-film crap, there’s none of that here. Also, if you’re someone who only watches movies to catch chicks shaking their bonbons this film is not for you. It insults you.


Cites De Deus is one of the best films iv ever seen (aside from The Negotiator, Motorcycle Diaries, The Godfather series, and The Farm) among many others.

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  1. Glad that you liked this one Pao. It is so good that it landed an Oscar nom. Director Meirelles made The Constant Gardener after, which was also good. This is one of my fave foreign films. Its seething violence and wretchedness almost leaves an aftertaste.

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