My Dream Car

I still remember 8 years ago in the Philippines, whenever I was asked what my dream car was, I’d always say a Rav4. The 2-door toyota car was the best yuppie thing back then and I was certain it’d be good enough for me.. and that I’d be in love with it for a very loooong time. And then I came to California where I was exposed to what a luxury car really is like.

I mean, Filipinos aren’t new to Hummers and Escalade’s but not of Rolls Royce’s and Aston Martin’s. Ferrari’s, Jaguars and Porsche’s do exist in the country.. and those are normally driven by kidnap material people. Definite head turners almost to the point of no return. Run a Rolls Royce in Manila and you’d be making the tabs of people, you become a walking epitome of gold, the Count of Monte Cristo, the Pharoah Tutankhamen. Boast that to a Rav4 and you’re not even a servant; more like the pet.

My peepz, those with whom I hang out with, aren’t auto savvy. They do not care for these sort of things and, honestly, neither do I. But I do have a taste for artificial knowledge such as the hierarchy of Toyota cars, or the fact the Nissan hired European designers to make their cars look better hence the Altima kinda looks like a Chevrolet (and I said kinda.. coz car fans are gonna go “HECK NO!?!”)

So I guess this all boils down to the sort of facts I stated. But I cant conclude this article with just that. The American culture has taught me to dream big and aim high and all those mommy cliches. That’s why I’ve replaced my dream car, that funky 2 -door blue green Rav4 for that ..uhm ..Bentley. At least that one I would never afford.

This is the shit!

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