My Dream TV

The day my Sony Plasma tv arrived, I was definitely happy. I guess it was the in thing back then, everybody wanted one. But there was a pint little problem when my tv got delivered, I didn’t know how to mount it on the wall. I mean, there were people to install it, but I somehow got O.C. again. Think about it, you paid so much for a tv that you’ve dreamt for the whole season and now you’ll have to mount it on the wall. My problem about it simply was.. “What if it fell?”

Quite a scary thought isn’t it? Good thing I was pointed to a UK company that sells plasma wall mountings, Dekomount. The main product of Dekomount is plasma wall brackets so you can be it’s not a side product without quality. The packaging is great and they have next day delivery. Their website looks so cool as well.

But I would also like to mention, Dekomount is not only limited to wall brackets. They also sell TV stands and other accessories. So you can imagine just buying everything you need and getting it the next day. I hope you guys check out the site.. it’s really worth especially now that the Holidays are coming. Some of my friends are planning to buy plasma tv’s of their own. Surely, this is a great find when it comes to making sure you’ve got everything done right.

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