My Friendster Frustration

Flashback 2003. Friendster was new and it was such a great addition to my online experience. In a time when PictureTrail and mIRC were the mainstream, they introduced me to the bestest connection with my friends. Hell yeah! It was great back then! You could browse through pinoy users and see actors profiles and not really mind. It was a sophisticated thing, this website was; like a box of conio people.

Snap back to 2007… Four years hence and, uhm, it sucks!

You Cannot Customize Your Profile

Don’t be fooled with the promotion. I’ve been in long enough to know that maintaining ads on ones site can coincide with giving its users the freedom to fully customize their profiles. And I don’t mean basic html or embedding videos taken from youtube. I mean javascript, actionscript or whatever script the brainy people of the world comes up with.

Their Blogging Platform is a Misnomer

Let me define misnomer for you – A NOTEPAD – ugly, unable to search other blogs, no comments from outside users, and yes, no customizing available (not without a fee at least). So you can say Friendster really did just make blogging available on their site for the heck of it. Mind you, a small site can offer blogging with greater standards. It is essential for bloggers to connect with their readers and Friendster does not make this available. I can probably put up a small networking site to prove how easy it is…


Ok, I’ll admit it, there are not as much spam on Friendster as on Myspace. But that’s probably because Myspace has 10 times more users than they do. Now if I were to ratio the amount of spam messages I get from Friendster as opposed to Myspace, Friendster would still lose. So far I’ve had Nigerian people soliciting from their sites, random messages from horny women who wanna meet me and of course the usual porn. I would probably check out porn from these messages if Xtube did not exist ..but it does. Now I wish there was a way for me to report Spam messages.


Growth on Friendster has been really slow. In the past 5 years, I’ve seen them add the ShoutOut feature and the Media wall (or whatever that darn thing is). They also have Spanish and Chinese versions of their website which is good.. you now have 6 question marks available on the top right of your page. Go ahead, look. Meanwhile, Myspace have already had free video uploads and music uploads. I still have to gather my music on Imeem or YouTube to make my Friendster work. (Well yeah they do have a video section which they get from YouTube and other sites, but not upload)

Fake Profiles

Back when Friendster finally got into the mainstream, I felt they tolerated the existence of fake profiles. I mean, you only had to write an actors name to know how many of them are there. And while this was happening the site boasted of having 14 million members?! Hell yeah, half of them are Piolo Pascual’s and Hero Angeles’s. I wish there was a way to report such profiles. I mean, it might do some good if groups were actually placed in “Group Categorized Profiles” and not along with personals. They also have Fan Profiles ..which is good until you realize that not alot of people are open about their love for Britney Spears or Jolina Magdangal.


So where am I going with all these ranting? Nowhere. I have already deleted my friendster profile once and, for the sake of my friends, I dont think I can delete it again. Well, not unless I put up my own Social Networking site and coerce all the people I know into it (create a small-scale-invitation-only site.. I have hosting anyway)! Then I’d probably solve this friendster frustration. Ano.. DARE?

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