My Online Management Issues

If we were to talk about my online presence’s Return on Investment (ROI), I’d say I’ve gained alot more than I shell out. I mean, technically, all the music that I need are on it ..I dont even have to download it, I just have to watch it on Youtube or play it on Imeem. Through friendster and myspace I am able to connect with my friends. And through the blogs, I am able to exercise my passion for writing (notoriously stupid stuff), gain friends and learn new things. It is a progressive endeavor and I really like it.

But let’s face it my online ROI as far as cash is concerned is not doing quite well and I’ve always had the idea that any well managed business will get customers, earn money, and overtime become a success. This is something I do not see with the blogs..

Sure I did say I planned on making 1200 this month as part of all these other articles I am now writing. But I’m also out chasing cash other ways such as Google Adsense and Forex. I am learning Flash and design right (Dummies books really help) to probably get into the field of web design as well.. maybe even coding. I haven’t gone out to try and fully do other things, my main goal is to focus on paid reviews.

My goal for this is simple – I wanna know how much I can earn relative to the time that I spend. I believe the same goes for everyone. It is in whatever I put much of my time on that will benefit me the most. So I’m taking it one at a time.. I’m still slowly learning the ropes of Forex, Google Adsense is something I’m hoping to maximize soon enough hopefully coupled with my designs (are you getting to something? that’s most likely it), so you can say paid reviews is the most immediate thing I can learn right now.

But I have a motto out of all of this. That I will take anything out of my pocket in order to pay for my online gigs. Instead, they should pay for themselves. They should be able to sustain themselves. Whichever of the three earns, that’s what I will use to further my plans. It can take months for me to realize just how money I have shelled out, but all-in-all, so long as my day job stays safe. I think I wont feel guilty about the things I’d be spending to get domains and stuff like that. This afterall is a progressive endeavor.

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