My Pre 2008 Thanksgiving Post

As Thanksgiving drew to a close, coz that’s usually what people are after, the nationwide black Friday sale started quite early this year. You see, the most common tradition of the Black Friday is for people to line up starting 3 or 4am to their stores to beat the 10am end of sale. Yes, the mall is open from about 4 am to 10 in the evening but the sale is only until 10am. This is really where you get the greatest deals – over at my favorite store the laptops were sold for only 400 dollars. Imagine that! If only I knew I could’ve tried getting one.

That’s because I’ve always wanted a laptop for Christmas, that’s probably the one thing farthest from my priorities right now. I mean, there’s always the bills to pay and the awesome food to eat. So I kinda shun myself from the techie little things that I want.  So I’ve decided to wait another year, save up some money, and then finally get that bitch of a thing that is my laptop.

I already have one, but that goes to the store all the time because it has an office. Plus I want my next one to be a Mac. Hehe! So there, I guess 2008 will have to wait for to finally buy that dreaded 10 inch thing.

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