My Paid Reviews Routine

Since I began to try and aggressively make money online, I noticed the potential of this industry. I mean, I still think that the regularity of my earnings will come from Google Adsense (or the Pay Per Click industry) but paid reviews still shouldn’t be shrugged off. This is why for this month I chose to create a routine that will hopefully give me an extra 1200 bucks by the end of the month.

First, the culprits. There are several ways by which one can earn from paid reviews so I decided to create accounts in 4 of them namely PayPerPost, ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews and Smorty. I write for either of them everyday in 3 separate blogs. It is this way that I can both maintain my readers and earn at the same time. But these companies are different in many ways. Let me differentiate them for you:

PayPerPost is the top company as far as reviews are concerned. It is probably because they handle so much reviews everyday that they cannot approve as in the one week frame they promise they’d try. But what’s good about this site is that you can almost never run out of things to review. I mean, if your goal is to make money, being in PayPerPost alone could probably guarantee you 200 bucks a month. However, they dont pay you immediately. I had almost forgotten that I made reviews for them until they did send me the cash.

Smorty does not have enough for their bloggers and I think that it’s because they’re the smaller company. Over my past month in blogging I have yet to reach 100 bucks. The good thing about this company though is that they approve almost within a week of posting and that they send you the money on a bi-weekly basis (twice a month).

ReviewMe has limits, that’s the first thing I noticed. You can only have 20 paid posts every month and that doesn’t really translate to much. If you’re only exposed to 5 dollar per post then that’s as good as 100 bucks a month as well. But what’s good about the company is that they pay you in the bulk of your work at the end of every month so if you’ve piled 100 bucks in paid reviews, then you earn it altogether.

So far, SponsoredReviews is my prime source of cash in the web. That’s because the site allows you to bid on companies for you to make reviews for them. Surely, companies prefer the littler amounts for them to choose you and that’s how I get reviews in bulk. SponsoredReviews earn 35% of your total bid though and I think that’s just fair. They’re probably good to bring 200 bucks extra in my pocket.

So I guess that should put my online earning to about 600 bucks this month. A far cry from the 1200 that I was dreaming of but we’ll see. I have other sources of income online but I’m not yet ready to divulge of them.. once I start earning probably. In the meantime, I’m taking notes.

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