My Tendency to Quit

I had been a smoker for about 5 yrs now. I have been in constant search for the best cigarette — reds, lights, milds, hundreds, menthol, longs??, even flavored cigarettes. Not one could make me understand the purpose of smoking other than the idea that everyone does it. Until a cuban cigar slipped into my fingers. There is no particular way to describing how it feels, but it definitely didnt feel like “just smoking.”

In an instance, i felt connected to my ancestors (however odd that sounds), I felt how they could do away with ruined teeth and be addicted to the habit. I realized why capitalists wanted to share to the world the feeling of inhaling smoke into your lungs irregardless of its consequences. For once, i saw a humane reason for smoking.

The experience made me question how america could have embargoed trade relations with cuba and not make this product available to our country and how the people could have been led into a lie that all cigarettes are thesame?

The outside world views america as this super astig country. Like you dont wanna mess with us coz we’re like… you know… powerful. From inside though, it is a country that lives in paranoia just like every great empire before it. Most think that America’s tarnished relationship with other nations comes from an ideological struggle. But in actuality, broken ties with other countries result from america’s envy. The truth that the country does not have any vital resource from within can significantly kill the country.

to maintain survival, America uses a very simple and very highschool formula — loot from other countries by using laws and agreements and by spreading a pseudo-democratic agenda, be friends with other conio countries, and let the rest idolize the “cool” america. Other countries and their barkadas which have every potential to overthrow the coolness of america is considered an enemy. And just like any other brat, we use every notable excuse to have them sanctioned.

just like Cuba, the little country down south. The nation could do no particular harm to our country, and yet we snub them. We hate them because they’ve got the best cigarettes in the world and we dont want them to overthrow philip moris. Same way we hate Columbia and Venezuela coz they’ve got the best coffee, Iraq coz they’ve got so much oil, India coz they’ve got so many smart people, Korea coz none of them’s obese, Germany coz they’ve got cooler cars, Japan coz they’ve got cheaper cars, Philippines coz there are so many prostitutes, South East Asia coz there are so many dumb people, China coz they’ve got an army of kung fu fighting billions.

All this for a cigarette?

…I say yes!

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