Online Advertising And Why It Works?

Over the span of my making money online journey, I have realized the importance of advertising for not only business or for-profit organizations, but also for bloggers. I guess, because we’re here mainly to write and provide content, we neglect the idea of spending to gain an audience. We do not see a possible ROI in advertising because we do not sell anything.

However it is also important to note that ever since Google introduced Adwords (check this Google Adwords Guide), it has leveled the field making both capitalist and merchants equals in the eyes of the netizen. What does this mean for you? Basically, it means the opportunity of making money for little people like us, the same as the big name brands in the commercial market. This is made possible through the PPC system.

For publishers like us, the Pay-Per-Click system is the way we earn. For advertisers, it is the way they get their brands out. The way it works is explained thoroughly well in the site below. With additional tips for anyone interested in using advertising as part of their strategy. It is comprehensive and navigable. The author is also selling an E-book for just 12.49, which is really cheap if you ask me.

I hope you guys check it out.. It’s worth to learn something from the pros.

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