Online Dating and Why it Works

To some of you, online dating sounds absurd. I have more than once met a person who thinks oddly about online dating because, let’s face it, we haven’t yet fully accepted the idea that love could blossom from across two computers. Well, honestly, for me love can blossom in all types of circumstances and you can only ask long time lovers to find out unique their story would be.

So let’s talk about why people go free dating sites online. For one, it takes away the rude dates or those that are potential stalkers. I think it is because of the anonymity you enjoy at first that protects you initially from people who would otherwise be a threat to your life. And while it wont necessarily always protect, the distance does provide some sort of bridge to overcome.

It is while you try to overcome this bridge that you get to know each other. You find out about compatibilities and the things that make you unique. Do you like pink, do you prefer a certain race or religion? You do have to take this into consideration when you go dating, not just online but in real life as well.

I think the beauty of online dating is that when you are true to it, it’s true to you. If you go online creative a profile that sounds too good to be true, you might as well not join because you are never gonna find the person of your dreams. Or even if you do, when they realize you are not the person you’ve cultivated yourself to be, you will plummet down the drain. But overall, I think online dating works.

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