Paolo on Drugs

I’m not exactly the type of person who makes a sermon about why something is wrong without me knowing why. But I am not like this when it comes to drugs. Although I have not used it, I am testament to its effects through some of my friends. You see, while I was growing up the neighborhood we used to live was already filled with grown ups. The youth was a strong part of society, they were very active.

But then all things changed when drugs fell into their hands. I don’t know how it started anymore as these things do start within closed doors. Circles of friends trying out something new, and before you know it the once active, lively young crowd began to steal, kill and be part of syndicates who were able to control them through their addiction. Some of them did go to the rehabilitation centers and were cured of their need for drugs, but some of the went back their vile ways.

Within months after the incidence of houses being robbed inside the village, our family decided it was best to leave and move to another place. But with it, I bore the knowledge that drugs isn’t something I would ever wanna get into.

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