PayPerPost Says It’s Gonna Review Posties

Well. What do you know, finally they’ve recognized the existence of posties who are only there for the money. It’s so condemnable, the fact that advertisers dont get the price they for because a blogs audience are primarily robots. I too have had the same thoughts about bloggers writing under maintained audience.. I think it’s crazy.

But then, let’s look. All bloggers have their own way of doing things. I myself have transferred my personal diaries to another blog so I can focus this on making money online. I dont think there’s anything crazy about it. The making money online market is quite huge and I think I have a good grasp at my audience. They listen to me ..or at least in what I have to say.

Does it mean breaking the trust issue to write for advertisers? I do not think so. I think a blogger who properly manages his writings and the way he conveys his messages to the audience would be understood. I guess there are just rotten apples who always try and beat the system.

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