Setting Goals and Meeting Them

Since yesterday I realized that I haven’t been fully functional with my money making scheme. After setting a goal of 1200 for this month, I’ve been quite mum with the idea that more than half of that amount will actually come from Forex. But the recent decline of the dollar has sabotaged all those plans as well.

To address the risk management issue, I’ve asked the help of my mom who’s much of a mathematician herself. If there’s anyone to see the trends and fluctuations, it’s definitely her. Plus she’s the one who told me the proper pronunciation of Fibonacci. If I spelled that wrong, that’s coz I still dont have an idea what it is.. I just caught it from Da Vinci Code.

And since half my projected income is now dwindled, the only way I could still reach my goal of 1200 this month is if I push my reviews to twice up. So I thought, if I only have 20 days left for November and I still have to make 1100 bucks:

1100 / 20 = 55 then that’s the amount of money I have to target everyday for my paid reviews. Now I think this is a reachable amount. The only problem is that it calls for me to write at least 10 posts everyday which would definitely drain me. I once said I didn’t wanna work for my hobby and that’s exactly how it sounds. If only I didn’t write 100 words per minute I would have certainly dropped this gig.

That’s exactly what it is anyway, a gig.

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