Talk About Waking on the Right Side of the Bed

Ever since I declared myself a morning person, my body’s found itself bored from sleep by 6am. My mom calls it maturity. Apparently, once grown ups (or mature people at that) have earned themselves enough responsibility, they realize that God made a mistake in providing his evil, proud, lusting human creations with just 24 hours to commit sin. Hence, people just wake up earlier.

I’ve fallen for this philosophy, though I’m not normally as nice at today.

0600 : I went to the bakery (and bakeries here aren’t in the Kanto’s as you might think, businesses as such are zoned so you will have to drive 5 minutes away) to spend on croissants, donuts, and turn overs for the whole family.

0630 : Came back, dropped by some blogs and then began coding that eff’n social network that I talked about yesterday. It’s starting to get kinda cute (see draft here)

0830 : Brother comes back home and asks me to go to work. For those of you who don’t know, I work for my younger brother coz he has a business. I dont. Instead I’ve accepted the role as the guy who earns money making sure my family’s interests materialize. If my brother tells me to kill someone, I would.

0900 : I walk to the BART ..that’s our version of the Philippines’ MRT, except that it has a heater inside (instead of an aircon) and it doesn’t run out of seats. 😛

0930 : I leave the train and walk towards the bus stop. I noticed that the trees were shredding off its leaves. “Oooh!” I said “It’s fall!” I particularly like fall because its the season of sales. I guess you’re having lots of that in the Philippines too.

1015 : Finally got to the mall. Opened my brother’s store. Blogged.

1400 : My brother arrived, I asked him for my pay. He gave me 21 bucks.

1430 : I ate at a Japanese restaurant that gave samples. I spent 9bucks for Soft Tofu Soup (the first time I tried it) and found it really good. The samples included Kimchi and Fish cake. I also asked for a cup of rice. They didn’t charge me.

1500 : Told my brother I’d just stay until the mall closes so he wont have to spend for taxi alone (buses here only run until 9pm.. the mall closes later)

1600 : Spent the rest of today’s salary on coffee. Treated my bro with a Mocha Frappe. I got a White Mocha Frappe even though I know lactose is gonna make my stomach huff and puff again..

1700 : Ran around the internet

1730 : My brother tells me, “sana Burger King nalang binili natin.” And I dont hate him for it.

Darn, I’m so nice today! If I died tomorrow I wouldn’t be surprised.

This was a sarcastic post about how my brother manipulated my days activity to his own advantage coz what I didn’t tell you was that, all that time, he was on a date.

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