The Art of Kissing Asses

At least in the blogs, we see a lot of people who do away with their principles depending on the person they’re up against. This is not necessarily a lack of conviction; more often a compromise. And ’tis this compromise that I find humor in., especially in the minute sufferings we impose on ourselves. Let us look at the art of kissing asses:

1. Always Agree
The Art of Kissing Asses is rooted onto people’s perception of positivity. The less you get in the way of someone, the less that you are perceived to be an obstacle. But the Art of kissing asses is not just about being in the same level with people, it also entails the need to gain favor. Hence your objective, by always agreeing, is to make a person (the ass you’re kissing) comfortable with you.

2. Dare to be Noticed
It is fact, everyone will have a circle of influence. It is your goal therefore to infiltrate these circles, probably ruin it, and take the price to yourself. This is not difficult to accomplish so long you maintain a dominating presence. You should realize, it is not required of you to wear a crown in order to be King.

3. Use All Situations to Your Advantage
The status quo is a huge gap that creates stereotypes, maximize circumstances to turn it to your favor. Not all models are hot, but the title alone gives it charm. The idea perceived from such things includes the following: All the clothes fits them, They exercise alot, Must be a worthy bedmate, among other things.

4. Understand that it is an Exchange Favors
Recognize that there is a gain in your practice: Either the fulfillment of receiving attention from someone highly scaled in the caste, or anyone who maintains the luxury of wealth, power, freedom, brains etc. It is hence a favor in your part that you kiss asses. To some it goes deeper. Be friends with a policeman and reap the benefits of a blind law ..a prime example.

5. Become an Organic Ass Kisser
Ass kissing doesn’t have to be obvious, but it should not be coy either. At best it should be developed so that one becomes organic ..automatic. You see a rich guy and you know this is someone you can possibly make money off someday. You see a poor guy and you know this is someone who will work cheap. Be cunning, it does not make you less of a person.

A man who knows the court is master of his gestures,
of his eyes and of his face; he is profound, impenetrable;
he dissimulates bad offices, smiles at his enemies,
controls his irritation, disguises his passions,
belies his heart, speaks and acts against his feelings.
Jean de La Bruyere, 1645-1696

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