The Diva Battles

Over at YouTube I always see people who think their “idol” (Sarah Geronimo, Kyla, Regin Velasquez, Leah Salonga, Siti, Mariah, among many others) were God’s infinitesimal standard for greatness in music. Honestly, I am a fan of Regine and Kyla and care not for the others but I do not go out comparing, even when I’m prodded to. It’s so cheap to try and defend your idol because, really, it makes more sense to let these thing pass. I am not more of man because I defend and Regine isn’t less of a performer if somebody tells me Mariah is better than her. At best, I will shrug because I know in my heart Regine sings live and Mariah, well, she did too back in 1990. Lolz!

Ok, I dont really wanna dwell in this too much. At least you are in my blog and this is where I said it. I do not ride on YouTube acting all crappy. If anybody wants to take this with me, I suggest you put up your own blog and link me. Then I’d be happy.

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