The Legend of Me

Have you ever wondered how a biopic of yourself would go? Who it’s stars would be? Or if there would be a villain? What type of story it would tell of you? And most important of all, how it would end? Because I’m weird I have thought of it:

This story of me should begin with my death. I don’t think it would be good start my life story with my birth as all other life stories would have it. I guess it’s because it would be too stereotypical, or maybe that my life would end in waste if it had ended in death. If anything, my life’s timelessness should be its theme. Hence, get away with the drama of death by starting with it.

So it should start at my funeral. And then I should probably tell it; be its narrator. It’s my story anyway. But what would the story be about, or more appropriately, what important message would it convey. Well, that’s all been taken cared of by this blog. That one should learn to think outside the box.

I guess my biopic would have to talk about how I became friends with people who were hated by society, and how I made enemies with those who are born with ego. Make me that villain with the heart, and the hero as an opportunist. This way I am not so taken away from the bad person that I am. be continued.

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