The Life of a Freight Rep

If you do not yet know, I have had the chance to work in the freight industry. It was probably the best time of my life because I got to work with people who were warm. At least, during the break time. During work hours though, everyone was serious. I mean, we were dealing with the freight of other people, making sure we deliver on time. Some of you might think it’s all a shrug to deliver goods but when you have people dying of diabetes or those resting on their merchandise, you’ll surely realize the importance of your work. And if you aren’t so serious about it, be sure to take some flak with the people calling you.

That was barely a year ago. During that time, me and my boss were still talking about GPS systems for their trucks so we, the ones who worked at the office, would know immediately where the trucks were had there been calls from customers. Technology must’ve heard us as I had just found that site my boss and I were talking about.

It’s the GPS Insight vehicle tracking system, basically a hardware that allows you to track vehicles. That’s the lighter part of it. Of course if you’re a household dweller, GPS only stands for finding your car when you’ve lost your parking or knowing the directions to where you’re going. The Blog for GPS vehicle tracking linked here reveals to you how much more there is to use for this equipment.

Basically if you’re into any type of transportation business, like say the red cross or those who partly make use of gas as cost would find this a very effective tool as it tracks more than just where you are and the directions you need. The GPS tracks your mileage and your gas consumption as well. And this has got to be a really great tool especially if you’re a business owner of a delivery business who’s drivers tend to take their trucks out to hour long lunch breaks.

Uhm.. that would be my boss.

Overall, I think this a really great site for you to check. I found their site to be navigable and very comprehensive. And if you’re ever on the look-out for these sort of things, there’s also a GPS Insight support wiki for customers that you might wanna drop by. The pricing and the products are all here as well as point by point explanation of how it could work for you. From the looks of it though, I’m quite certain it really would.

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