The Math on Paid Reviews

Whenever people ask me why I do paid reviews, I find it stupid to answer. Afterall, I dont think anyone would do it if money weren’t involved. So the question really should be “How much do you earn from paid reviews that you totally accept being called a sell-out?” And the answer to that is, “Alot!”

Alot could be perceived in many ways – it may put that dream yacht in somebody’s head, to others maybe just an allowance. I’ll tell you outright it’s definitely more than an allowance but it’s not anywhere near a yacht. The average amount I’ve earned in the past two months I’ve been doing this is 600 bucks/mo. Now whether you see that as an alright amount to be called a sell-out depends totally on you. As for me, I think at the end of the day, that amount still pays for something.

If you’re in the Philippines, especially if you’re young, this amount could mean a lot. I mean, all you need is a mom who has a credit card, a good knowledge of how to blog, and ready access to the internet. All these could be worked out in less than a week.. and you could be in your way to buying that Ipod Touch, that Dream Date you’ve been wanting to take your girlfriend to. How about catching up for the Holiday budget? You can work that out as well.

So now you’re left with the question of HOW?! How do you earn money and how do you set out to make it? The basic answer is that YOU NEED A BLOG (or a website, but getting a site entails some cash.. getting a BLOG is free). Then you just need to create an account with paid review sites like the one below.

1. click on that image.
2. create an account.
3. sign up your blog
4. find advertisers
5. write and submit reviews.
6. get paid.

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