The Minimalist in Me

One of the influences The Black Bigote has vested upon me is the minimalistic mindset. He’s the type of guy who always prefers the productive lifestyle. He arrives early to work to avoid the rush hour traffic (and leaves early too as he is able finish the things he has to do on time). There is nothing in his desk but a computer and one of those once-trash kind of art works.

The Black Bigote was a filthy rich guy but somehow he was never mindful of the decorations that most other of my fellow co-workers were so into. He’s not into pets because it’s too much trouble (at least for him). He advices people based on the productivity/cost-effectiveness of things. He drove a 1970 Benz and gave his daughter that sooper posh 2003 sportscar (whatever that is).

I guess that’s what people admired most of him. He was frugal.

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