The Morning Person in Me

It’d taken months that I’ve been waking up very early. Usually it was just 8am which was normal for me. I mean, for a guy that has pretty much all the time in the world, I dont really need to take time too seriously. I do remember the old days, when I would wake up so late. Sometimes I would even miss the day altogether. I sleep before the sun comes up, and get up after it has gone down.

So you can tell this is a change of pace for me. Some part of me blamed it on blogging, coz I’m always after making that dreaded article, coz I’m a wannabe writer. But I guess most of it comes together with the way I am. It’s probably a new outlook brought by all the circumstances that has happened in my life, both good and bad. Sometimes I feel I need to wake up early just coz I like to, sometimes it’s because I feel the need to, but most of the time it’s most likely that I wake up so early as if my body had learned to treat it as routine.

Anyway, I asked my mom the other day while she was making coffee. I told her casually (like the stuff you just out of the blue) “Mom, I think I’m becoming a morning person.” And she replied “Good! You’re becoming more mature.”

Huh… I hope that’s not it!

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