The Paolo Mendoza

A fellow blogger had just dropped by early in the weekend and asked if I were that author Paolo Mendoza. This is just one of the many false alarms that has put in another Paolo Mendoza’s personality.

Over the course of my life, I’ve been mistaken to be three Paolo Mendoza. The most common one was a basketball player. I still remember every time I would order pizza, I would mention my name and the guy on the phone would go “Sir, Are you the basketball player?” Sometimes, even when I had said no, the person I’m talking would commend me for that other guys achievements.

There two other instances through friendster which, I guess, stemmed from some people asking me if I were the Paolo Mendoza they knew. So I guess there are probably millions of me in this world. I wonder how many other Paolo Mendoza’s were mistaken to be.. probably none. Hehe!

Anyway, if you’re wondering who this Paolo Mendoza is, that’s my picture up there. It’s not so revealing because the one I saved got lost in my computer. Apparently, limbo is directly accessed from here. Plus, I like the fact that I look so peaceful. It’s like I’m asleep. Lolz!

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