Tips for Writing

by Debbie J

I’m not exactly a wonderful writer myself, but I do happen to have a few tidbits of advice that some of you might find handy. Here goes…

1. Writing in General: When/if you have a situation where you are writing, here are a few things to remember. Listen to music. It doesn’t have to be really inspiring, just something you like. If you feel bored, or your writing isn’t going anywhere, stop. If you’re on a roll, with lots of ideas, don’t. Try not to stop if you can, if you get on a writing spree. Read alot when you are working on a story, especially your favorite authors. Look for your mistakes, a lot. Look at how the author does something you’re having trouble on, and learn from it. You can use their advice in your stories, without copying them.

2. Stumped: Most people would call this ‘writers block’, but I prefer ‘stumped.’ I can always write something, but if I’m stumped…it turns out to be trash. I was recently in a very bad stumped situtation. I was attempting to work on my first novel, but the story wasn’t exciting, and it wasn’t going anywhere. I needed a good ‘twist’ for my story, and I didn’t know how to work it out. First, if you are stumped, relax totally, and think nothing about the story. Turn off the computer, and put away the notebooks. Watch a good chicflik, and have a bowl of ice cream. But what worked for me, is something not as often recommended. Talk to a fellow writer, or older sibling. I told my older brother about my predicament, and he helped me tremendously. He writes as well, though his style is totally different from mine. He is smart, and gave me a great idea, and good advice.

3. My Writing: Also, to make my stories more exciting, and to fill in the dull spots, I read a lot from a book by my favorite author-Francine Rivers. She writes adult christian fiction, and is absolutely brilliant. I recommend her to anyone for a good read. Her books help me a lot, and I’m now a better writer for them. I have recently been going through the first chapters of my book, and adding a lot more material and diolauge. It helps make the story more interesting. A lot of things can happen while you’re writing. I, for instance, was playing the same cd (dc talk) over and over for a few hours, and consequently learned my favorite rap verse. I have two lives: one regular, and one secretive. the other me, likes privacy, and lives half the time at the computer. My personality doesn’t shout “WRITER!” and most of my stories don’t sound like me. And don’t be discouraged if you write something bad. The very first story I wrote was really not bad, but it wasn’t book material. I still have it, but I’ve given up on it. You wouldn’t believe how many short stories I’ve thrown away, and most of them were not all that bad. One of them was actually a favorite of my sister. But i tend to veer off from my writing style, and most of the time, in my case, that’s a bad thing. You can’t over check a story. I edited some of mine like you wouldn’t believe, and every time I found more mistakes. Some huge, but not particularly noticable. Some small-like misspelled words or typos. All this, to say, I love writing, and want everyone who reads this to be able to write better.


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