Wanna Hear Something Weird?

Einstein once said there are two types of people who roam the earth – those that are driven by their body and those that try to control theirs. Such an intellectual that guy is, huh? He has managed to explain in the simplest of words the science behind one of Soirée’s most ventured icebreakers – Are you a mind-over-heart or a heart-over-mind type of person?

No Einstein did not invent the experiment of clasping your hands together to find out which of the two you are. (If you do not know what I’m talking about, clasp your hands together and if you’re left thumb is over your right, you’re a heart over mind. And vice versa). Instead, Einstein differentiated the two in a more practical way:

Einstein understood that the body is driven by their genes and hormones. An invisible force constantly changing. It is our genes and hormones that gives us anger management issues and turns us into kleptomaniacs. It’s what makes us crave for a cigarette, sex and what makes us react violently towards shrimp. It promotes an inner law that our body has to understand. It wakes up at almost exactly the same time everyday and becomes paranoid with abrupt changes. It hungers within definite time intervals. Our insides talk to us and it is often good to listen, but sometimes it is best to condition ourselves not to lest we fall for our demons.

I guess the moral of the story is that there is no person who is a left or a right brain thinker (if you were what would you have done with the other side?), or that there isn’t any one who is specifically a heart-over-mind or mind-over-heart person, and that each one of us is a case in progress.

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