We Believe

Wasn’t it barely months ago that we sprawled the streets clad in yellow shirts with the slogan We Believe! It was the Golden State Warriors first playoff appearance in years and, against the number one seeded Dallas Mavericks, we didn’t really expect to win. One win was enough to make us laugh, when they won again, we started to believe. And true enough our faith echoes to the rest of the state until finally our warriors finished off the Mavs at home.

But that was the end of it. The warriors played very well in their next series against Utah, but they couldn’t seem to deliver in the end game. That series was a route but it was more than an expectation. We weren’t disappointed.

Today the Golden State warriors are sporting a 0-5 card and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna imrpove anytime soon. Still, our hopes are up. The Golden State Warriors that we are, last season’s example make it almost an afterthought: we might pull off another comeback, maybe even take away the price. Yes, we still believe!

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