Daylight Saving Time – It’s a weird feeling, the change of an hour does give you extra time for sleep but it takes the same time from your waking hours. It’s 4pm.. it would normally be 5pm. A change that already drives my systems nuts. It’s the 6th DST I’ve encountered, and already my gut longs to give it up.

I plan on going back to the Philippines next year. Maybe that’s why I work hard for every single penny that comes my way. Blogging had only been hobby ’til early this month. Now, look at me, I wake up every morning writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I appreciate the idea of it. I see it as the only way I can earn if I ever am to come back. But as there is no certainty to my return, I also see no certainty or regularity to the amount of money I can save.

Perhaps this is me. My mind is fixed and I am to go against the wave even though the world tells me not to. What’s up with the world, why is it holding me back? Is it because there’s so much I treasure here that I cannot fully give it up? Is it because there’s nothing I could expect to return to when I get back? It’d been best to shut the last 5 years… is it still the best thing to do now?

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