Who Wants to Live in UK

When you’re earning dollars it’s fairly easy to live abroad. I for one am longing to go back to Europe, probably live in France or Italy one year. Maybe even drop by Belgium, Greece or Spain and search for my ancestors to see if they also have flat noses. Me thinks I might have been the great grandson of a concubine. Lolz! But there is one place, after all my touring, that I would really like to live – UK.

I’ve only been there once before and I’ve longed to be back since. Next time I get back I’d probably check on some flats to buy in Leeds, properties in Swansea, or houses to buy in Glasgow. These are great places to stay in and while not every one of those is a stone throw away from the King’s palace, I can always have time to practice on my accent while I wait for that time to come.

But anyway, if you’re ever like and you want to check out some houses in UK please do check out http://www.touruk.co.uk/ as it is a very comprehensive site, and easy to navigate at that, about getting properties in all of the country. They reservations for travelers as well as tour and city guides. It’s probably one of the more complete resources I could check from when I go back to UK, all I know is that I will come back. It’s the when that remains to be the question. How about you, would you like to live in UK?

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