100 Reasons Why You Should Join Khoops

100. I own it. That means you know who to go to in case you’re experiencing problems. And just so you know, I’m human. I’m not a picture that automatically becomes your friend when you join. I’m also not named Tom, or Todd or ..you know what I’m talking about.

99. It’s got a wider interface. For those of you who’ve been exposed to Friendster or Multiply, haven’t you ever felt that it’s too crowded? I mean, c’mon..

98. No spam. The note on the homepage does say “We’re like Mac, we’ve got alot of features and no spam!” That’s coz I hate spam. I delete those as soon as I see it.

97. No fake Piolo Pascual accounts. I’ve been mulling about this.. I think I can tolerate fake accounts because, technically, the terms of service does say that the person who signed up is responsible for all his actions in the site. But then, I am making a CEO decision to reject all Piolo Pascual accounts, should they come, whether they’re real or fake. And that goes for Cueshe too.

96. RSS, anyone? I dont wanna go into specifics just yet, there’s surely enough room for that in the coming numbers. But since not alot of people mind RSS, it’d be good to mention that here. That’s basically a tracking thing. Ok.. moving on.

95. Privacy settings. You can have your privacy settings specified to your account or on every single thing that you upload. That goes for photos, music, videos and blogs. Best of all you can set it on a per post basis, or on a general basis. That’s more options compared to what other social networks allow.

94. I bought the code, I own it. I guess this goes together with 100.. but the benefit of owning your website’s code is that I can have alot of other things parked in it. Stuff like chat rooms, more customization features, etc. Of course, that’s relative to the population.

93. Ad supported. People have many different ideas about a site having ads. One is that ads are a nuisance. But really, a site with such awesome services would have been charged its populace if not for the little box on the right.

92. Photo, video, music. Coz I already mentioned it.

91. Blogs. Coz I already mentioned it.

more in a bit..

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