Even though I’ve already purged myself of any of these “how to make money online articles,” every now and then I still get those questions of how I manage to get a paycheck without having to leave my house.  Of course, it’d be only right to answer them as generically as possible because there’s a huge chance they understand none of the specifics of earning online. But what amazes me about MOST of these people is that, even though I already found time to actually lend a helping hand in spite of all the things I need to do, and even though I am already that living example that anyone can make money online, they still would never believe me!

Instead I find myself feeding conspiracy theories. It’s already hard to make them believe that real money exists in the net, much more that you actually have it. Lolz! One particular scenario is when I explain Adsense to my friends.. that often starts questions like ‘you earn from a click?’ which really comes off to me like ‘it’s that easy?’ So I explain to them that it’s not as easy as earning from a click and that you will have to work hard for what you’re trying to achieve. But since I am nowhere near that epitome of inspirational stories, I instead become an irony to myself.

For one, they usually find me sleeping when they come over. Second, I have a tv in my room, a playstation, the internet and I always rent dvd’s.  So really what they’re trying to say is – You’re making money slobbing around while we work our asses off enduring our bosses and pricey gas pumps. You fill your room with entertainment while we try to please our co-workers with night outs and pizza Fridays. You get your paycheck once a week, every two weeks, every first week of the month, and every first week of the following month. And all of it came from a click!?!

Sounds absurd doesn’t it? You going through all that trouble for a paycheck, that is. *smile*

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