Ah The Conioness

Even after so many years of living in under Abraham Lincoln’s hat (and that’s a very tall hat, btw), I still find myself enthralled by a bunch of full length starbuckspeak – the language accepted in Starbucks stores, usually promoting eye-rolls with conversations of false civility furthering lines of vibrant smiles tuned to the peace of Nora Jones or Paolo Nutini. Ah the conioness of it all…

Conio is like Love; where everyone understands what it truly means, there is not one accepted definition for it. The closest I could describe is a rich jerk. But where nobody can claim significant riches in the Philippines, conio probably pertains he who acts like a rich jerk. The conio is a social climbing wannabe.

And where there’s a conio, an equalizer must exist. The jologs is pretty much this person, complementing conio with an antagonizing description. Jologs stands for a poor jerk. Lolz! I take it to come from the word “cholos” – the hispanic slang for “ghetto” or “gangsta” (as it is, conio is also a hispanic word meaning “fucker,”) But that’s just my theory..

originally written at YellowBlood

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